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Dec 5, 2013 6:30am PST
the grievance. insufficiency of the use existing political arrangement to manage key foreign policy relationships key foreign policy issues. no one had roughed up which of course is that centralized many ways it's an authoritarian state at that able to get its act together alma mater diplomatic issues asked to act swiftly on to act forcefully and built on the other on the com us and european machinery which that which needs much time to achieve consensus before shift positions which is which is which is the remains and often into something which i would describe as a potential mess. i wish we'd often. i think the you hope that it is or indeed the streets in self deception the foot not so much because of deep divisions that because of the issue of time needed to come around new policy positions. andrew mohl an opera produced read it for the vapid statements to manage a crisis situation that let's talk a bit more about that that the russian dynamic tell us the hard cheese that is that kiev needs billions of dollars next year for gas bills and debt repayments the thing that gives russia lost a lot i
Dec 9, 2013 6:30am PST
thaddeus impacts on wednesday. the u s foreign policy chief catherine ashton will be traveling to ukraine later this week. france says it will begin to disarm the fighters in the central african republic by force if necessary. soldiers are patrolling the capital by me as well as other towns. some one thousand six hundred french troops are in the country as part of the un mandate to restore order nearly four hundred people have been killed since sectarian fighting began on thursday. many residents are fearful to leave their homes it's nonstop reports to the cheers of locals some of the sixteen hundred french soldiers deployed to the central african republic iran eighteen ninety the president to be living in fear of sectarian violence that left hundreds dead francaise the weekends its intervention got number one already in the ninja reasons the first priority for the troops and disarming former seneca rebels have been terrorizing the population. we ate. for now we're told sean that be a present and strong to show all these organize groups in the cities and forests. at the time if you can ac
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2